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June 2014 Newsletter - Who Would want to be a keeper?
Seriously, everybody who knows it takes a certain type of person to be able to put their body on the line week in, week out and enjoy it. They need to be agile, strong, co-ordinated, brave... and a little crazy! Surprisingly, research suggests that keepers get injured around 25% less frequently than outfielders, however they are more likely to suffer from injuries to the upper limb.
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March 2014 Newsletter - Welcome Back
Welcome back to the 2014 season. This is an exciting for Back To Your Feet Physiotherapy and WSAFC. We will be moving upstairs into the far end of the
clubrooms and running our clinic for members and the public from there during the
week and on Saturday mornings. We are pleased to be able to continue to offer ACC consultations to club members for no charge, and a discounted rate for private visits
and for family of members. We stock all the physio equipment you need at very reasonable prices.
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